Friends and family

While Teun van Dongen Editing and Policy Analysis is a one-man unit, Teun does not work alone. He frequently cooperates with other organisations, including:

Logo-Inholland-300x95The InHolland University of Applied Sciences provides top quality professional education to more than 29,000 students. Teun is involved in the Comprehensive Security programme (Integrale veiligheid), where he teaches courses on terrorism, national security, psychology, sociology and research methods.

John C. Hulsman Enterprises is a successful global political risk consulting firm. A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, John C. Hulsman President and co-founder of John C. Hulsman Enterprises as well as the author of all or part of ten books, including Amazon bestsellers Ethical Realism, The Godfather Doctrine, and most recently an acclaimed intellectual biography of Lawrence of Arabia, To begin the world over again: Lawrence of Arabia from Damascus to Baghdad. John is not only a world-class policy analyst and writer, but also a good friend of Teun’s. Together, they write about the geopolitical implications of political violence and conflict.

aspen_aspenia_logoAspenia Online is an online spin-off of the reputable Italian current affairs journal Aspenia. Aspenia Online, which in 2013 received the prestigious Amerigo Award, is a forum where the major themes of current international affairs can be developed in a flexible fashion and in an agile editorial format – with articles averaging about 1,200 words. Aspenia Online’s authors include top experts and leaders in foreign affairs, economists and policy makers, along with young emerging voices in these fields.  Teun is proud to be a regular contributor.

scribbr-logoSCRiBBR is an editing service for college students. The SCRiBBR team, which is made up of a management team and a pool of professional editors, is available 24/7 and helps students improve the writing as well as the struture of their papers. Teun is one of SCRiBBR’s editors and frequently helps college students take their work to a higher level.